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Knights Of The Ley History

Our LS (linkshell) was created on May, 15th 2005. I was in a great linkshell named "Templars of Honor" since my second day playing FFXI (Final Fantasy XI) . Sadly the leader Jezabell was away for about a month or two and the LS began to fall apart. Arguing took over and I knew I would not be able to find a LS I loved as much as that one. Over come with sadness I decided to create my own LS. One where friends could gather, and maybe lend each other a hand. I was worried though I had only been playing the game for about two and a half months at the most. Casting my worries aside I asked all my friends I had made along the way if they wanted a pearl (luckily I am very charismatic) . I took all the things I loved about my old LS and incorporated it into my new one. I sacked everyone that had a pearl, hoping to keep everyone equal. Before I knew it my little place of friendship had grown into a family.

Within the first two months I had over 50 members although most used it as a back up LS. Sometime around the sixth month K.O.T.L. was one of the biggest if not the biggest linkshell on the Carbuncle server. At all times we had no less than twenty or more members on at once, and no more than forty-five to fifty members on at once. That is at all times of the day. Unfortunately that is when the problems started. Having that many people on we lost some of our family closeness. We had so many people on, but most didn't want to answer or help others. I myself was to low of a level job to really offer more than raises and free teleports. I lost some of my friends out of the LS because of this. Then my LS became labeled a RMT-LS (real money trade linkshell) . Basically that means that my LS was full of gil sellers and I was basically king of the gil sellers lol. I fought for weeks with high level linkshells to correct our good name. It was my fault for allowing four or five gil sellers on the LS to stay. I was still half newbie and didn't really know how to handle the problem. In the end we had the sum of twelve gil sellers on our LS. I kicked two of them since I knew they were gil sellers and the rest left.

Well it had seemed that the drama was gone, or so I thought. After fighting tooth and nail to prove myself to others that we were not gil sellers, the linkshell took a turn for the worst. It seemed we had quite a few members on the LS that liked to cause trouble. I began to notice our members dropping like flies, and was told by close friends that there were members who were acting like inappropriate on the LS. This was causing our good members to leave, since they didn't want to put up with such negative things. Hearing this I was heart-broke. I had put so much effort into making a place where people could go to say hi to there friends, and be greeted with a warm welcome. I was ready to throw in the towel, but I couldn't do that to my friends that had stayed. Our numbers had plummeted, yet I was determined to breath new life back into our home. With the help of my great friends we began damage control. I decided then and there I would create a requirement to receive a linkshell sack. I decided (with advice from all my friends) that rank five, and level thirty would be a good requirement (later changed to level forty) . I felt bad I enjoyed sacking everyone, but it was what was best for the LS. I also decided to let people who stayed with the LS keep there sacks whether or not they met the requirements. My reason for this requirement was that I could use their trial period and the time it took for them to meet requirements (If they didn’t already meet them when they received a LS pearl) to let them show their true colors and intentions.

Hoping to use this method as a filtration device for members, it served other purposes. One was that if someone became out of line, like before, the sacked members could take care of the problem even if I wasn’t on. The other purpose was to upgrade our LS status in the game. Most high level linkshells have sack requirements and many have entrance requirements. To keep with my same family orientated ideas for the LS, I have no entrance requirements, everyone is welcome to our LS. Sounds like the LS was in good shape huh? One would think, but such was not the case. For reasons unknown some people just can't be nice. We had several instances when someone who had a sack came onto our LS just long enough to kick every pearl (our new members were pearls) off of the linkshell. After this had happened several times I put my foot down. I asked the LS what they thought about making the sack requirements spread throughout the LS, new members and old. This was the final test. Members who had been on the LS since the first few months it was started , and had stayed or started coming back after all the people negative things that had happened, were now being asked to give up there sack if they didn't meet requirements.

I was honored to have such LS members who were willing to give up their sacks and re-earn them. Most people who logged in only to have their sack took were upset and confused as to why they lost there sack. Once I explained why I had to take it, and that is was for the good of the LS they understood. Wow, we made it. We survived and we are stronger for it now.


Azulvato proud leader of "Knights Of The Ley"

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