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Hello and welcome to the home of K.O.T.L. We are a linkshell on the game "Final Fantasy XI".

This website is for linkshell members and fans alike to take a closer look at our linkshell, and it's members. We hope you will enjoy browsing through these pages, and maybe get a glimpse of people behind the characters. FFXI is not just a game. It is not just a series of programs designed for our gaming pleasure. It is also a community, a place where you can log in and say hi to your friends. A place to get out and meet new people in the comfort of your own home. Every player you meet or see standing at the auction house is not some inatimate object. They are a real person with feelings. I have formed many bonds in this game friends I would not have met other wise. This website is just my way of sharing my friends and family in the game.

All hail Mr. and Ms. Vato :)

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Click me and tap your red shoes while saying 3 times theres no place like home